Welcome to Advantage Yacht Sales

Boating is relational. We have a relationship with our boats or dream about the relationship we will have with one someday soon. We have a relationship with the water, and the places we travel to on it. We have a relationship with friends we meet on docks, at anchor, and in the boat yard.

Boating opens the door to all kinds of relationships. We believe that one of the best relationships you should have in boating is the one you have with your broker.

That is why we are approachable, relatable, always professional, and we care as much as you do. The marine industry is what we know. We have lived it, and made a living from it our entire careers. We are a powerhouse of knowledge and expertise. We know our industry, our markets, our clients, and we know boats.

Now it is time to get to know you. Your needs, your wants, your dreams, and match them to our years of experience and knowledge to assure you begin, maintain, change up, or step away from your relationship with boating in the best and most satisfying manner possible.

Your relationship with boating should be amazing and we hope that our relationship with you will ensure it is even better.